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Perspective Counselors

WISTA Counselors lead sectional rehearsals where campers learn the camp theme song, an Orff song, and a "Special Song" chosen by their counselor.


On Expectations >

WISTA camp exceeded my expectations. At the concert, so many people were amazed at the amount of music the students had performed, and so was I! Thanks for a fantastic first year, I hope to have many more!


WISTA Counselors are responsible for many things at camp, but they quickly learn that the key to success is to have FUN! Our counselors work hard, and laugh hard.


On Being a Teacher >

This was one of the most enriching experiences of my lifetime. I made so many friends, my age, and younger.


The WISTA Counselor Training Day before each camp prepares counselors to teach small groups by rote. The agenda includes theory, demonstration, practice, and time to plan.


On Trying New Things >

I definitely learned how to work with kids; I also learned how to go out of my comfort zone and make lifelong friends.

2024 Dates

Round 1

Applications Due:

March 1st


Counselor Training Day:

June 22th

Session I:

June 23rd-25th

Session II:

June 26th-28th

Ready to sign up?

We happily consider applications from string players ages 16 and older for our counselor positions. Prior teaching experience is not required; however, new perspective counselors must submit an audition video or recording.

Applicants must be available for Counselor Training Day and all camp sessions.


Counselors are provided free room and board in addition to a small stipend.

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